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five_firsts's Journal

Five First Times
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Welcome to Five Firsts, another one of those communities inspired by 30_kisses and the other pioneers! The theme of this community is "first times."

1) You can make up to 3 claims. Claims can be from any fandom; claims can be crossovers and RPF. You can claim a general fandom, a character, a pairing, a threesome, a group, siblings, friends, whatever you want.

2) The goal is to write on 5 themes. There are five sets to choose from, but you can also make a custom set by picking and choosing the various themes, OR you can use a "Writer's Choice" set.

3) Flaming sucks. Don't do it.

4) All ratings and pairing types (yaoi, yuri, het, etc) are accepted, but please label them to make sure no one accidentally reads something that makes them uncomfortable.

5) There's no time limit and no limit as to how many people can claim one thing.

6) You do not have to wait until I accept your claim/add it to the list to begin posting. I will tag your first entry with the fandom, your claim, and your username, but after that, please do it yourself when you post.

Theme Sets
Make a Claim/Claim List
Dropped/Finished Claims